Most recreational vehicles including motorhomes, fifth wheel, travel trailer and campers can have sealer separation and start leaking underneath multiple places, like exterior walls, roofs, etc. anytime after the first use.

Most are built with screws, glues, staples and sealers. Then get driven down the road at speeds in excess of 55 miles an hour. Bouncing and twisting in all types of weather conditions. It seems they are especially vulnerable at the four corners of the roof. In our opinion, for new RV’s, the dealers don’t spend enough time educating their customers of the importance of early maintenance.

The best advice we can tell our customers is to get at least two inspections a year for the first two years. This will allow its initial twisting and settling to take place. The first
inspection should be right after your first trip of the season and a second inspection should be performed before you put your RV away for the winter. If you can catch and fix any broken sealer early on, then the chances of internal damage or mold is greatly minimized.

The qualified staff at Mobile Joe RV will inspect and give a free estimate to repair any compromised areas anytime throughout the year. All you need to do is call our office and schedule an appointment to drop off.

To properly repair. We do not just add new sealer to an existing problem. It’s important to remove all of the bad sealant, clean the panels, then properly reseal to ensure your RV is like new and protected. This is the best method to help prevent leaks from returning in the future.