Keep Your Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, RV, or Trailer Free of Water Leaks and Mold!

After driving your RV for a few months, the seals that prevent water from entering the cabin can be subject to wear. Natural wear occurs over time, so it’s best to fix the issue before it becomes a big problem.


Most RVs can show minor water damage within the first 12-24 months of use, sometimes reducing resale value by thousands of dollars. As a RV travels, they can twist and bend, allowing water to enter the breaches in the exterior. The water that enters the interior can cause damage to the roof and walls.


Joe’s RV Collision Center doesn’t just add new sealer to an existing problem. We remove all of the bad sealant, clean your panels, then properly reseal to ensure your RV is protected. Our tried and true method prevents leaks from returning in the future due to bad seals.

We Service RVs, Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, and Trailers


•    Free four-corner inspection


•    Inspect the entire RV body for cracks in

   sealers and silicones


•    Check all possible water penetration areas

   such as:

o  Air Conditioning units

o  Windows and doors

o  Awnings, toppers, and hook-ups

o  Rear panel and cap moldings

o  Head and tail lamps

o  Marker lights and cameras

o  Any other potential water leak areas


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